Como Emprender en Corea del Sur

Laura Valls
Director at MLK Partners

Como Emprender en Corea del Sur

In this new post I would like to share with you the fantastic and great experience that I had doing the webinar of “how to start in South Korea”. It’s the first, and I hope it’s not the last! So if there is any entity that is encouraged to do a series of webinars with me about South Korea, do not hesitate to contact me.

Haunted. I am the co-founder of MLK Partners and we have been working for more than 8 years with and for companies not only in Spain but also in Europe and America. I do not like to consider my consulting as a traditional consultancy since I like to try new things and manage the threads from behind the scenes, and amazingly I can say that until now it has worked.

Then, one day when the possibility arose of doing a webinar, in collaboration with CEXT and Mundo Spanish , to make Korea known beyond what people typically know of Korea: K-drama, K-pop, cosmetics Koreans, and the idea seemed excellent to me. Not only did he not only prepare the presentation, but also the web that you see now and the bases of a consulting service that we are going to launch at the beginning of May! I think you can like and help more small and medium-sized businesses more effectively.

Es verdad que muchas veces Corea del Sur se queda como a la sombra de China, al igual que muchos otros países del Sud Este asiático que realmente tienen un potencial de negocio excelente que vale la pena explorar. Por eso mismo estamos aquí, si quieres extender tus lazos comerciales con países asiáticos y necesitas ayuda, nosotros podemos ayudarte.

Corea no es un mercado ni fácil ni difícil, es complejo. En este webinar tienes la información básica para saber que es lo que hay que tener en cuenta a la hora de emprender.

Aquí os dejo el link del webinar:

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